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Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplaces™ (i2VW™)

Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplaces™ (i2VW™)

In these days of constrained budgets and limited resources, there is the ever-growing demand for an agile workforce that is equipped to communicate, collaborate, and interact with effectiveness, efficiency, and in many cases, immediacy. Companies, organizations and agencies the world over are confronted with the rising costs and unavailability of physical space, the rising costs and environmental impacts of travel to and from those locations, the unreliability of acts of nature as in extreme weather and climate change, the unprecedented costs and risks posed by global health crises such as COVID-19, Zika, Ebola, MERS, SARS, etc., the costs and physical risks associated with maintaining mission critical equipment in dangerous locations; the increasing requirements for employee flexibility and work/life balance, and the general shift to question why does one physically need to 'be' there.

What is an i2VW?

Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplaces™ (i2VW™) are digital recreations (real or imagined) of physical ‘brick and mortar’ locations. These immediately recognizable environments are combined with work or training scenarios tailored specifically to mirror the experience one has in a physical space, only these are available all the time—any time day or night—and are accessible to anyone anywhere authorized to join. You participate and are represented in these online, ‘in-world’ workplaces by your avatar, a digital recreation of your likeness (either identical or imagined). As you are just as ‘present’ with your avatar, directly controlling its behavior and actions in real-time, it will provide all the interactivity and participation you would get had you physically been there face to face.

Why an i2VW?

i2VWs facilitate all the same activities as on-site, in-person collaboration or training. In addition, they are:

  • Completely secure when used in a ‘closed’ client-hosted and owned environment
  • ‘Scenario-based’ complements to vocational, soft-skills (Sales, HR, etc.), and technical (IT, Technicians, Mechanics, Engineers, etc.) training, and to ‘one-on-one’ executive leadership coaching
  • Safe and risk-free environments to train on new, expensive, and potentially dangerous equipment, to practice complex tasks, and to be prepared to respond to any potential crisis
  • An inexpensive way to simulate responses to / preparation for / assessing risk from a disaster; to support the Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Efficient and cost-effective way to acclimate new employees to specific work areas or to the overall facilities of the organization or company and its QHSE requirements.

What is unique about i2VWs?

Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplaces™ (i2VW™) have the added benefit of a group dynamic in a persistent, graphically rich space that is real, rather than imagined; that is cocreated rather than dictated; and that is simultaneously shared by many for the purpose of collaboration, rather than accessible to just a few. Specifically, there are six features that are not present in traditional eLearning solutions. The benefits of these affordances listed below illustrates the value of i2VWs as a teaching and learning medium.

  • Co-creation - Materializes through building concepts, objects, and other creations together
  • Co-existence - Emerges through occupying space with other participants at the same time
  • Collaboration - Exists through sharing ideas, thoughts, and work products synchronously and asynchronously, constructing a potentially endless feedback/interaction loop
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) - Appears through a representation that illustrates the key elements of the authentic context(s) necessary to create a feeling of “thereness”
  • Presence - Appears as the capability to engage in real-time interaction with others who are in-world
  • Persistence - Manifests through preservation of ideas, thoughts, work products, and other objects.

Let us help you expand your business toolkit by including a solution that provides more effective training options, greater collaboration, the ability to mitigate risk, and most importantly, to save money. Let us help you identify your Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplace—you can rent or own or share your place. KG2 Consulting can assist you navigate the ‘virtual landscape’, and with our technology and platform agnostic stance, we have developed strategic partnerships across the industry to get you the best end-to-end solution that meets your needs at the very best prices.



Be present, engaged, and not distracted. Experience a truly memorable way to work together - a forum to network is key.


Augment your 'telework' experience with real time interactions and immediate responses - simply walk down the hall.


Interact and learn in a benign, non-threatening environment - practice makes perfect, and risk free practice is even better.


Reduce the time and expenses associated with travel and lodging - participate from the comfort of your home or office.

Verticals & Focus Areas

  • i2VW for BANKING
  • i2VW for INDUSTRY

Product Options


STANDARD: Self-service, generic template-based and non-branded workplaces
hosted by KG2


CONFIGURED: KG2 supported with
personalized and branded workplaces
hosted by KG2.


CUSTOMIZED: KG2 supported with
customized workplaces in a virtual
world you own.



  • Supplement corporate training programs
  • Minimize collaboration and meeting costs
  • Enhance networking opportunities
  • Reduce risk and enhance compliance
  • Support customer relationship development and customer relationship
  • Comply with environmental sustainability goals and objectives.


  • Augment agency-wide training programs
  • Comply with Executive Orders and Federal sustainability goals and objectives
  • Compliment continuity of operations (COOP) plans and strategies
  • Minimize the cost of TDY with travel costs that include lodging and M&IE.


  • Expand physical clinical simulation solutions and programs
  • Enhance situational awareness throughout the hospital
  • Augment training for trauma triage, mass casualty, EMS, treatment procedure, nursing and patient assessment scenarios
  • Supplement disaster recovery contingencies and continuity of operations (COOP) planning


  • Safety train on new equipment, or complete refresher/re-certification training on existing tools
  • Practice complex tasks in a risk-free manner
  • Inexpensively simulate responses to catastrophic events
  • Quickly acclimate new employees to specific work areas or to the whole plant.


  • Replicate of supplement traditional in-person conferences, seminars or workshops, and provide a main hall,
    an auditorium, breakout rooms, and a lounge area
  • Eliminate the time and expense of travel and accommodations
  • Provide and engaging and memorable conference experience that could include social media, mobile technology, and evaluation/assessment tools.


  • Replicate or supplement traditional in-person tradeshows, and provide a main hall, an auditorium, and exhibit hall with exhibitor booths, and a lunge area
  • Eliminate the time and expense of travel and accommodations
  • Provide and interactive and immersive opportunity to gather data, interview vendors, solicit information, and, and to network with colleagues and clients.

Ancillary Services

  • Event Planning & Management
  • Virtual Conference Hosting & Reporting
  • Virtual Workplace Design & Development
  • Virtual Training Design & Development
  • Process Improvement & Change Management
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting



Our professional team of resources include event planners and schedulers; virtual world designers and developers; web and mobile developers; and project and program managers. Working together from the onset of the engagement, our goal is to provide a cost effective, sustainable, 21st Century alternative to traditional physical workplace infrastructure.

​We are dedicated to the pursuit and delivery of excellence.

Immersive, Interactive Virtual Conferences™ (i2VC™)

Immersive, Interactive Virtual Conference™ (i2VC™)

Host your next event in a virtual venue, on our Immersive, Interactive Virtual ConferencesTM (i2VC™) platform.

What is an i2VC?

i2VCs are discrete, virtual events that replace, replicate, or supplement existing conferences. They occur in a virtual world, which is an online, ‘in-world’ simulation of either a real or imagined environment and populated by avatars, also known as pictorial or graphical representations of the human participants.

Why i2VC?

i2VCs facilitate all the same activities as on-site, in-person conferences or other events. In addition to most of the video conferencing functionality, i2VCs can include live keynote speakers, panel sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, vendor fairs, break out rooms, interactive workspaces, and more.

What can I do with i2VCs that the competition cannot?

  • Natural, real-time interaction in a private one-on-one, small group, large auditorium, etc.
  • Host concurrent sessions in real-time
  • Participate in real-time with continuous, interactive engagement
  • Access conference materials, automatically and in real-time
  • Access participant public profiles
  • Introduce yourself to new people or colleagues
  • Gather/exchange information (business cards, brochures, etc.) in real-time
  • Tweet or take a cell phone call ‘in-world’ without interrupting the event
  • Connect anytime, anyplace and on any device.

If you want an identical experience to that of a traditional conference and more so than a standard video conference, then compare i2VC to the others. In addition to the unique functionality listed above, and standard features like Invite Speaker on Stage; Chat, Polls and Q&A; Room Moderation; Registration Page; Notification Emails and Reminders; and CSV Exports, i2VCs offer the following video conferencing


i2VC (powered by metamersive) Zoom Adobe Connect
Excerpt From
MOBILE SUPPORT Yes With App With App
NO LATENCY Minimal Variable Variable
TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM Desktop and Mobile App Download Only Flash
WEBCAM & SCREENSHARING In Product Pipeline Yes Yes

Please contact us ( ) and together with your designated staff, KG2 Consulting will work with your organization at any point in your conference planning process. We can provide a full-service solution, or we can simply offer the venue, with a navigational orientation. No matter your needs, we can help. Our end-to-end solution may include social media, mobile technology, evaluation tools, and virtual reality technology for a full, robust, intensely real-time immersive experience.

PMO (PMOmanager™) and Independent Verification and Validation Lite™ (IV&V Lite™)

PMOmanager™ and IV&V Lite™

Staying on top of numerous mid-sized and large technology projects involving multiple consultants or contractors with a limited project team comprised of internal staff is a formidable endeavor indeed. These resources are usually working on several tasks and do not have the bandwidth to address the details of each project nor do they have visibility into the overarching goals and objectives of the program or organization. It is also very difficult for them to understand the subtle nuances of each project and to be able to re-assign risk back to the consultants and contractors who, oftentimes, are motivated and skilled at placing the majority of risk with the owners of the project. Problems also arise from employee churn within the organization. There is limited management continuity and much of the intellectual property and history of management decisions walk out the door when the individual manager leaves. Standing up and managing a Project Management Office (PMO) is equally as complicated and just as daunting—beginning with the initial phase itself of justifying the concept, developing the business case, and making the pitch for the PMO. This is just the beginning, and many organizations continue to grapple with the challenges of planning for the PMO, actually implementing it, and ultimately managing it. Also, while the proven benefits are immense; enhancing resource optimization, completing more projects on-time, and increasing delivery speeds by integrating resource planning with project execution, adding the necessary project portfolio management (PPM) technology to the mix makes things a little more complicated.

KG2 Consulting understands the problems with a PMO and those associated with managing multiple programs with their numerous associated projects or, for that matter, several projects with any number of tasks. With over 30 years of combined consulting experience for the Federal government and the private sector, our Managing Partners are ideally prepared to provide their services as a solution to these challenges. We have perfected delivery frameworks and approaches that include our PMOmanager™ (, and as a substitute to the traditional ‘independent verification and validation’ (IV&V) approach, we have developed what we are branding as 'IV&V Lite™.'

What is IV&V Lite™?

This is a slightly less rigorous, much less expensive ‘independent verification and validation’ process that ensures the outcome, results, and deliverables of the program or project meet your expectations and that any deviations are identified early in the process when it is much less expensive to take corrective action. As your trusted advisors, we will leverage our perspectives of both sides of the equation, that of the government and of the consultant or contractor, to provide you with an independent assessment of the status and management of the program or project. Outside of potentially conflicting organizational agendas and ‘political’ motivations, our objective is to identify, document and brief you of any perceived areas of program or project weakness and/or risk, and to provide you and your team with recommendations for their remediation and/or mitigation.

In direct support of a PMO or as an owner-centric instrument for PMO oversight, our KG2 delivery framework (PMOmanager™) and methodology for ‘IV&V Lite™’ is designed to facilitate early detection and addressing of issues; enhance management insight into program and project risks; and report on compliance with your project performance, schedule, and budget requirements. It is not intended to replace your project management office (PMO) initiatives, nor do we mean to add another organizational or reporting level, but rather to augment your in-house project management teams, coordinate with your contracted resources, and to provide you with a strategic perspective of the status of the program, project or PMO itself.

Let us help you to make the case for a PMO that is aligned with your business, then to plan, implement, and manage it. We will ensure its ability to improve program/project/task prioritization, to enhance its flexibility to change, to enable more informed decision making, to provide accurate projections and forecasts, and generally to support the PMO in successfully meeting its goals and objectives.

For additional details, please contact us at

Project, Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project, Portfolio Management (PPM)

Understanding the importance of an industry leading partner, KG2 Consulting is teamed with Planview to provide a comprehensive platform for Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) services. Together, we provide the latest in PMO strategies and PPM technology that fully leverages industry best practices, and provides a cost effective, low risk, and integrated solution for most PMO requirements…from division PMO’s to enterprise PMO’s!


The recipient of numerous, current prestigious awards and recognitions from Gartner and Forrester, the Planview product suite is considered the global leader in Work and Resource Management (WRM), with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. Their solutions span every class of work, resource, and organization, addressing the needs of teams, departments, and entire organizations, from the mid-market to global enterprises.

  • Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant™ for Project Portfolio Management Worldwide

Gartner has named Planview a Leader for project portfolio management (PPM) based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

  • Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Architecture Tools

Gartner has named Planview as the only Visionary for Enterprise Architecture Tools based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

  • Forrester Wave™ for Enterprise Collaborative Work Management

Forrester has named Planview a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ for Enterprise Collaborative Work Management.

Focused on the ‘big picture’, our integrated solution is developed to ensure your PMO is aligned with the broader business, and includes an optimal balance of strategy and execution…to assist with your ability to improve prioritization of projects, to enhance your flexibility to accommodate change, to assist with making more informed data-driven decisions, to provide accurate projections and forecasts, to increase your overall credibility, and generally to ensure the PMO’s success in meeting its goals and objectives. For additional details, please contact us at

Infrastructure Asset Management (EAM, IWMS, & IoT)

EAM, IWMS, and IoT

At KG2 Consulting we understand that there are primarily two ways to increase the bottom line: increasing productivity gains and lowering the total cost of ownership…and either of these objectives requires technology as an enabler. Leveraging decades of experience with infrastructure asset management technology that evolved from CMMS to EAM and from CIFM to CAFM to IWMS, we assist our clients manage their most expensive elements of the business…their people, places, and things.

We are all about providing our clients with a solid ‘digital foundation’, one that ultimately supports elements of their focus on Industry 4.0 (IR 4.0) and on Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Specifically, our technology-agnostic service offering approach can be viewed as a journey along a maturity continuum (our Digitization Maturity ContinuumTM), beginning with basic 2D CAD and culminating with IoT and AI-enhanced, Immersive, Interactive Virtual Workplaces (i2VWTM)…our framework for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR).

In tandem with the journey we can take our clients on from 2D CAD to i2VWTM (VR/AR/MR)…to ‘immersively' and 'interactively’ experience the benefits of a true ‘digital twin’, the overarching concept driving our related service offerings is that there are three discrete, yet integrated components to managing assets: data collection / population (automated sensors, actuators, gateways (IoT), manual data entry, etc.); data management and operation (enterprise asset management systems (EAM), integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), etc.); and cognitive data analytics (SparkCognition, Microsoft Cognitive, IBM Watson, etc.).

When approached by our clients to do so, our approach is to plan for and implement a comprehensive solution that would manage all infrastructure assets, and one that could ultimately provide cognitive data analytics for predictive maintenance management. In an ideal scenario, we would leverage the wireless, batteryless, and maintenance free EnOcean Alliance platform of IoT sensors to gather data in real time. After the data is analyzed in Watson, it is then 'operationalized' in Maximo or Tririga with a work order that details a very specific solution for the technician or as a direct input to the building management system (BMS) for corrective action.

Driven by valuable insights from the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and cognitive computing, we believe our integrated services can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your company…reducing maintenance costs by as much as 30% and increasing employee productivity and operational efficiency by up to 18% are significant industry-leading targets to aspire to.

Towards this end, our services include a carefully balanced blend of functionally-driven, strategic-level process analyses, and state-of-the-art, tool-oriented, tactical-level methodologies. Our range of service offerings is broad: from Strategic Business Process Improvement to application specific enterprise asset management (EAM) and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) implementation. Generally, as a non-biased ‘broker’ with extensive experience on many technology solutions i.e. Accruent, Archibus, FIS, FM Systems, Infor EAM, Manhattan, Maximo and Tririga from IBM, SAP EAM, etc., we can assist you to manage a comprehensive portfolio of asset types…production, facilities, transportation and IT assets across your entire enterprise. This holistic perspective enables complete visibility and accessibility, thereby providing a window into the untapped potential within them. The culmination of our implementation services provides the knowledge and control you need to closely align your infrastructure management objectives with the overall goals of your organization. Specifically, we can assist you to:

  • Improve return on assets
  • Decrease costs and risk
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve asset-related decision making
  • Increase asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

On a more granular level, our emphasis is on ‘value’ extraction...and on how we can assist to:

  • Enhance real property management initiatives
  • Facilitate space and occupancy management
  • Address space and land use plans
  • Support resource allocation and scheduling, especially as it pertains to the Finance and Human Resource (HR) departments
  • Assist with long and short-term capital reinvestment planning and management
  • Establish preventive (and predictive) maintenance management programs
  • Affect real and sustained reductions in the maintenance backlog (deferred maintenance)
  • Identify and adopt maintenance management best practices
  • Facilitate the reduction of out-year spending spikes
  • Justify the prioritization and execution of on-going operations and maintenance (O&M) projects
  • Develop documented support and justification in the defense of annual budgets
  • Establish a case to distribute the initial and operating costs (the total cost of ownership) of an integrated system across other departments, and to include them in the projected return on investment (ROI) (or cost avoidance objectives) for the project.

This 'value’ proposition then becomes the backdrop upon which the facilities and infrastructure management system (the technology) is brought to bear. As we consider technology to be an important part of the solution...but only as an enabler of a well-developed information management and decision support process, we can assist you with all or a few of the critically important phases to a successful solution. We can help you plan, analyze, procure, assess, design, implement, test, train, transition, and evaluate, so for additional details, please contact us at

Sustainable Workplace Strategies™

Sustainable Workplace Strategies™

Both the Federal and the private sector workforce of today and the foreseeable future are undergoing substantial changes. Shrinking budgets that require doing more with less, increased concerns about safety, security, and the continuity of operations, the physical limitations imposed by increasing populations and scarce natural resources, increased sensitivity to sustainable behavior, with regulatory compliance requirements at work and at home, and the very nature of the work being conducted, all point to significant changes in need of new solutions.

KG2 Consulting is of the opinion that there are also other variables that must be factored into this equation. By now, most organizations are focused in one way or another on addressing sustainability goals and objectives, and have included LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated buildings in their portfolios. While this is an extremely important first step, the next objective should be to incorporate programs and approaches that modify the on-going behavior of the end users of these buildings such that they truly leverage the sustainable features designed into the buildings, and do not undermine the original intent to improve their environmental, energy, and economic conditions.

What are Sustainable Workplace Strategies?

All these factors are converging into a perfect storm, with conditions set to accommodate what was originally branded as the Workplace of the Future. The future is now, and at KG2 Consulting, Sustainable Workplace Strategies provide an overarching framework that integrates the disciplines associated with infrastructure management, energy management and sustainability, and human resources.

Employing flexible alternatives to traditional workplace practices takes into account physical space design, sustainable asset management, IT and technology enablement, as well as HR policies and procedures. Our integrated solutions include concepts such as Hoteling, Shared/Hybrid Work Spaces, Alternate Work Schedules (AWS), and Telecommuting. These all serve to enhance the efficiency and flexibility in the use of office space that is traditionally dedicated, expensive, and mostly unoccupied, leading to 20%-50% improvements in asset performance and associated cost savings. Incorporating mobile technology solutions also allows for access and collaboration on demand – anytime, anywhere (at the client site, in transit, or from home).

At KG2 Consulting, we can assist you to assess existing and future space requirements, analyze total cost of occupancy and develop a 'best-fit' future state that addresses the specific needs of the organization. In addition to optimizing their portfolio of space, Sustainable Workplace Strategies enable us to assist our Federal clients to achieve their aggressive sustainability plans to comply with Executive Orders and Presidential Mandates. This while reducing costs, increasing productivity, reducing commute times, enhancing job satisfaction, improving work/life balance and effectiveness, and playing an important role in raising the image of the agency and its ability to attract and retain top talent.

For additional details, please contact us at